Here are some of the seals and certifications that Jatic has been awarded in recent years.

UC Silver Kreditvärdighet 2020

The company is judged to have good creditworthiness.
99.26 - 99.76% probability of survival according to UC.

UC Silver Creditworthiness 2018

The company is judged to have good creditworthiness.
99.26 - 99.76% probability of survival according to UC.

UC Gold Creditworthiness 2017

The company is judged to have the highest credit rating.
99.76% or greater probability of survival according to UC.

UC Bronze Creditworthiness 2016

The company is considered creditworthy.
96.94 - 99.26% probability of survival according to UC.

Certificate in Säkra lyft

AFS 2006: 6 Use of lifting devices and lifting equipment, states that it is the employer's obligation to train the employee in the safe handling of lifting and that there must be documented knowledge in theory and practical experience.

Certificate in Heta Arbeten

A modern comprehensive injury prevention concept for 30 years for increased fire safety - in all industries.

Certificate in ID06

Mandatory registration in personnel registers and unannounced inspections by the Swedish Tax Agency make it difficult for unauthorized persons to stay at the workplace. Healthy competition is strengthened and security increases. Our mission is to further develop a reliable system for safe workplaces, healthy competition on equal terms and adaptation to new laws and regulations.

Member of BKR

The Building Ceramics Council is an industry organization for companies that work with ceramic tiles, i.e. tiles, tiles and mosaics. Companies within BKR have all the knowledge you need in the building ceramics area. Certificate through the subsidiary DeZignHus.

Certified Kvalitetpartner

Kvalitetspartner review and gather serious companies in one place, so that individuals and entrepreneurs can easily find reliable and prosperous companies to do business with.

Member of Sveriges byggindustrier

Sveriges Byggindustrier is an industry and employer organization for 3,600 construction, civil engineering and specialty companies operating in the Swedish construction market. The organization works to improve the conditions for our own member companies and the construction industry in general.

Medlem i Installatörsföretagen

Installatörsföretagen är en bransch- och arbetsgivarorganisation som representerar 3 600 medlemsföretag. De är en del av Svenskt Näringsliv.