New production

We are a modern construction group and want to help our customers with a holistic concept for theirs construction project. We work in close collaboration with customers with planning and project implementation for best results and efficiency. We also think one step further with the competence and experience we have means that our constructions must be sustainable and with less energy consumption. We are flexible this spring construction process and wants the quality of the finished building to be high, and maintenance to be simple with reduced costs in the long run.

It is important for us to complete the project on time with a positive work climate during the construction process. In the case of new production, we can be the total turnkey contractor for villas, condominiums as well as schools, sports halls, offices and other larger commercial buildings. In some cases, we use drones to take pictures and film from the air to support our projects with data, before the construction period and when the project is completed. We do this together with a film producer for the best quality with moving images, sound, music and that the result is top class.