When it comes to private customers, we always try to have a particularly good response. We represent our own brand and want the overall experience to be good for the customer during the project and for us to have repeat customers and recommend ourselves to others. For us, all customers are important, from large constructions to the individual customer. The Jatic Group has resources and also to the private customer we try to optimize by delivering the right skills to the right work steps. You can deduct your tax for the labor cost when you hire Jatic Bygg for repairs, maintenance and rebuilding and extensions (root). Materials and travel costs, on the other hand, do not entitle to a root deduction.


We provide free quotes on all types of work / projects, feel free to test us and evaluate our competence and skills. We always look at maintaining long-term relationships with all our customers and, as far as possible, delivering results according to customer expectations. We make coordinated and competitive purchases both in Sweden and internationally.

We are the strongest in Skåne but also carry out construction work in Denmark and other countries around the world.

Why hire us at Jatic Bygg?

As we are a larger group with resources from 4 different industries: Industry, Ventilation, Administration and Construction, we have a larger overall picture of our projects and coordination effects. With our partners, we help to calculate low-energy buildings to meet the EU directive on near-zero energy consumption for all new buildings introduced in Europe from 2020. Even when our construction projects are newly built and final inspected, we can also offer real estate services for new assignments on the property and other adjustments and extensions that may be added later. Since we built the property, we know it by heart and take responsibility that it is well built from the beginning and that you can get good advice on how to most easily make new project additions to it.

What can you help us with?

Right now we are looking for entrances on municipal assignments and also insurance claims as we already have the resources and competence to take care of larger assignments.