If it is a larger construction, we usually leave a fixed price for a section / part of the construction process. The good thing to know is that all our carpenters / craftsmen come with their own car and have the necessary work clothes with protective equipment when they arrive and ID06 for check-in. And that they also have their carpenter's bag with them with all the necessary standard tools, as well as screwdrivers and other electric tools in it. Many of our craftsmen also have lift and fall protection training and hot work. We have many large and good references on completed and ongoing assignments such as subcontracting. We also provide prices for entire projects such as new construction of villas, properties and condominiums.

Our craftsmen have been hired for large constructions such as schools, homes, offices and many more other areas, here you can see a selection of references. As a subcontractor, we work together for the best of the project with an honesty and open dialogue between the parties and a transparent work environment. We strive for long-term relationships that provide added value for all parties involved.