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About us

The company was founded 2007 with a long experience from technical insulation solutions and sheet metal work.

Our experience in various areas has given us the ability to offer optimal service at market-challenging prices.

When the European market changed with a number of new member states, a lot of professional tradesmen were available. With the boundaries in Europe effacing, we could see a new market emerging.

The company is located in Sweden but our work platform is worldwide. Over the years, we have worked with nuclear power plants, paper mills, petrochemical installations and modular installations at sea.

We provide full management for any type of project. This gives our customers a guaranty for full control, continuous reporting, documentation and record holding in accordance to ISO 9001.

We have recently asphalted our driveway and everything is starting to fall into place with a uniform design with modern design and sustainable material choices. As granite ceramics on the outside of the facade. We built our new office 2 years ago.

We have our own fleet of work vehicles within the Jatic Group, which means that we can transport a lot of resources to our various workplaces around Sweden. And that we support and want to be seen locally in Bjuv where we also have our Jatic flag in Mörarp's roundabout.

Our management communicates in many different languages like English, Swedish, Norweigan, Serbian, Croatian, Lithuanian, Romanian and Polish. The company is owned by Johnny Andersson, Adrian Korodi, Peter Andersson, Djordje Bibulovic.